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Your Credit Score Is As Important As Your GPA
Your credit score is as important to your future as your GPA, and it matters now , not just after you graduate. And, like your GPA, it’s much easier to build and maintain a good credit score than it is to start off bad and try to repair it later.

Your credit score is a complex calculation of your past financial behavior, like with credit cards and loans, that results in a number of “points” that is not only used by lenders and creditors, but also landlords and employers, when making important decisions about
your future. In addition to your GPA, an employer may look at your credit score before deciding whether to hire you. Employers want employees who will demonstrate responsibility in both their professional lives (like with your GPA) and personal lives (like with your credit score). If you have a low credit score due to maxed out cards, late payments, or too much debt, employers may not hire you. So much for your plan of paying off all of that credit card debt with a good-paying job.

See the Credit Score section for more information on how your score is determined, what the score numbers mean, and how you can change it.
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