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Does everyone have a credit score?
Most adults will have a credit score, calculated from information on their credit report, once they apply for a credit card, take out a student loan, or sometimes even open a bank account. Financial institutions, like banks and credit card companies, supply information to credit bureaus on your financial performance which is used to calculate your credit score.

However, you may not have a credit score if you’ve never:

Applied for or owned a credit card

Taken out a loan (like for school or a car)

Opened a bank account in your name (using one in your parents’ name doesn’t count)

If you don’t have a credit score, that’s okay! But, creditors, lenders, landlords, and even employers will often look at your score (or lack thereof ) to help determine your financial reliability. Now is the time to start building your credit score so you can take advantage of it : when you open your first credit card or take out your first student loan, use it responsibly to build and improve your score and see what having a great credit score can get you.